Diary April 2006
Date Highlights  

Just returned from 2 weeks China. The weather was great and it was good to see all my collegues again. We have an active group in Suzhou because since I was there in January, 3 people got married, one got pregnant and Linjun became father.

After so many months in China it was for me the first time I used the Transrapid (magnet train) in Shanghai. Wow, what a machine. You don't have the speed sensation like in a Porsche but it is quite an experience. The train reaches a topspeed of 430km/hr. It is very similar to an airplane a few seconds before touchdown. This was a prestige project because to make the train really usefull the travel distance is way too short. Maybe 100km or less than that.

The weather was beautiful so what do you do an a sunny sunday afternoon? Right, visit Jinji lake and look at the brides :-)

Whenever we have customers visiting us we also enjoy night life in Suzhou. This is a Phillipine band in Wiskey Jack. Good atmosphere and excellent singers.

On our way back to the airport we got stuck in Traffic. Actually the traffic in China is getting worse and worse. Someone told me that in Suzhou the car population increases every day with 200 cars !! Statistics say the every year 100.000 people get killed and 500.000 got injured in traffic.

This traffic jam was also caused by an accident and the problem is that in China the emergency lane is used as a normal driving lane by everyone so police, fire fighters and ambulance couldn't reach the accident. You can see the smoke in the back so too bad for these victims.....

Ook in China kent men het begrip ramptoerist. :-) Voor Marco zijn eerste bezoek aan China maar hij was snel gewend.


On March 27th we have had the opening of the construction activites of our new facility in Hefei. These kind of milestones are in China always started with a ceremony and a party. This time I didn't join the celebration so I will wait until the building is ready in September 2006. Yes September, in China they only need 3 to 4 month to complete such a building !!