Diary December 2005
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We are now 3 weeks in The Netherlands and in those 3 weeks few things have happened that are worthwhile mentioning. Is Holland really that boring? Maybe...........Xiao Li was right, compared to China Holland is very stable and the changes are very subtile. The speed at which changes are made is also very slow and as a result of that you barely notice any changes. After 14 months we could hardly notice any changes in The Netherlands. It is ok for some time but after a while it is time for some action again......

When you read the newspapers and watch the television it looks like the dutch are really spoiled and are wasting a lot of time discusing problems that are not really problems. That would be ok if there weren't any problems but the annoying thing is that the real issues don't get any attention. At the same time we are great at judging other countries and foreigners on how they live their life, do business or take action to solve really important issues.


On friday the XPS Venray team is going to celebrate X'mas in Slovakia. We will leave at 4:00 (am!) on friday morning so we can arrive at our factory in the early afternoon. In the evening their will be a big X'mas party together with our Slovakian collegues. We will return the The Netherlands on Sunday. Pictures and more details will follow next week.



We have returned from a fanatastic weekend in Slovakia with the XPS team. There was a great atmosphere, the X'mas celebration was a succes and Slovakia is a beautiful country during winter-time. There was a lot of snow (approx. 40 cm) and the snow in combination with the beautiful nature made it a real white Christmas. In total 28 people from Venray and approx. 300-350 employees from XPS SK were at the party. It was great seeing all employees from Slovakia and they were happy seeing us. I will try to share some of our many experiences via the pictures.

This is a typical resident of (Horst-)America wearing the latest fashion of that town. The language he speaks is only for insiders so I had no idea what he was talking about. This person also has a very strange sense of humor. He believes removing a wheel from a car is a funny joke.

Slovakian musicians wearing traditional clothing at the X'mas celebration were performing very well.

A happy CEO

Fred Astaire and Ginger, also known as Tom and Liane, were also invited for the party.

Traditional Slovakian dance.

Suzanne and Mia in action. Slovakian employees in between.

Some religious ritual by Ron, William, Jacqueline, Janneke, Helena, Jerome and Jan

Beautiful view from our hotelroom.

Car almost burried in the snow.

They had to use trucks to remove the snow from the streets.

This is not a joke, people are swimming outside (-3 degr.C) and jumping through the snow in bathing suites. Also some XPS employees were among them. Even Myriam gave it a try but I believe it was not entirely voluntary.

At least 40cm.

Beautiful views during our walk through the forest.

A great X'mas picture isn't it.

Fantastic views. I couldn't get enough of it. I could spend a long holiday here.

This is paradise.