Diary February 2006
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Ron and I have been in the US for one week now. Ron will leave today and I will go home tomorrow. First we went to Minneapolis and than visited Rochester. It's been snowing quite heavily in Rochester but unlike most winters this winter is very mild. It has been quite a while since I was in Rochester but it felt like coming home. Being back at Xerox also brought up some very good memories although the company has changed a lot since I worked there.

It was great experiencing the american culture again. To give some examples :

- Huge V8 and V10 trucks

- Many snowplows

- Large people :-)

- Too much food. Most of the time I only orded a starter and even the starter I couldn't finish.

- Beautiful nature

- Very hospital and friendly people

- Funny restaurants (Bugaboo creek, roadhouse). Ron likes Hooters for some reason.

- Too much tipping

- No drinking alcohol below 21. They actually asked Ron for his ID to prove he was older than 21. That made his day :-)

I have quite a few pictures but haven't downloaded them yet.


In Minneapolis the have almost the largest mall in the USA. It is called Mall of America. Only in Syracuse they have one that is larger but not for long because the are going to extend this mall. It was huge. I believe over 500 shops and a complete entertainment park inside the mall. Rollercoasters , climbing walls, waterworld everything inside.

Lake road in Webster NY. Some very nice houses over there with a beautiful view over Ontario lake.

This was a starter on the menu but for me the main meal. My favorite Mexican food "Nacho's Supreme".

OK, this is also part of the american experience. I am not proud of it but if you are in a hurry.....

It is not as fast as a Porsche 911 but nevertheless King of the Road in Rochester. You don't want to get into an collision with this car.

In Europe you don't see them a lot but in the USA they are not very rare.The Hummer H2.

Only in the USA.............

Great isn't it. These are typical signs that you can only can see in the USA. They are warning traffic that on this street a blind person lives. That says something about the society in the Rochester area.

Watertower in Webster village.



Many trips have been planned for the next few weeks and months. Between today and May I will be in Slovakia and 2 times in China. That means probably also some more news for this site.

Also in March the business unit MTG (Module Technology Group) for which I am responsible, will have a stand at the ESEF exhibition in Utrecht so Ron and Janneke are busy with all the preparations for this exhibition. This will be our first exposure to the outside world for our brandnew business unit. We are very exited about it and hope to find some new customers. I am sure we will.



Xiao Li, you asked what Carnaval is but that is difficult to describe so in stead I will show you some pictures.

This is family, these are my nephews (sons of my brother). Can you see any resemblance? Why are they wearing these cloths? Well, that is carnaval.


Every village has a carnaval parade with these kind of large vehicles. Typically these are self-build vehicles and the build typically takes many months.

Can you see what animal this is supposed to be?

This is how dutch people think Chinese look like. Actually they look Japanese to me but many people in Holland believe Chinese and Japanese look similar :-). Do you agree Xiao Li?

Another large vehicle.

And my small niece....princess Carnaval in Schwame :-)