Diary January 2006
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First of all, we would like to wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2006. It is going to be another interesting year with lots of traveling to China, USA and SK. I am looking forward meeting you all again in 2006.

We have had quite some snow in The Netherlands during our X'mas holiday. It has been quite a while that we had that much snow. During our holiday we have visited my brother Rene and his wife Tiny in Groningen which is located approx 2,5 hours drive north of where we live.

This is in front of our house after first day of snow. Later it starting snowing again and the layer of snow starting growing higher and higher.

Xmas shopping in Groningen. These are the typical dutch houses that are unique in the world.

Another typical dutch street in Groningen. Very different from where we live in the south of Holland.

Ice skating underneath the Xmas tree at night. Too bad we didn't bring our skates.

Picture taken from my brother's home in Groningen. This part of Holland is very flat and still a lot of space for living. Extremely quiet compared to Suzhou so if you need a rest you can visit Groningen.

For our Chinese friends, the 6 balls on a stick you can see in this picture is food for birds because during winter time it is hard for them to find any food.

Another typical dutch picture. This mill is still operational 4 days per week.

Have you ever seen such a dog in China? I don't think so. Almost as tall as Max from Jan and Mia. I would guess same height and weight as Zhu Shuifa, same colour hair, but better listening skills :-)



Tomorrow I will leave again to Suzhou for 2 weeks. I am looking forward seeing everyone again. I am sure I will collect some pictures again that I will share on this website so stay tuned.Our annual XPS dinner is going to be an interesting event. My plan is to leave Suzhou before Chinese New Year because many people will be traveling at the end of January.


My trip to China is, has been and will continue to be an exiting trip again. It involves things like, a kidnapping (I was kidnapped by Hang Xiao Li), some acting performances during our annual dinner, a dance in wooden shoes in Henny&Truus's appartment and much more. I am not sure whether I can show all pictures on this site but I'll see what I can do. It might give a very strange impression of what is happening at XPS Suzhou but believe me it is purely business :-)



Tonight we had our annual dinner with all XPS Suzhou employees (85 in total at his moment). I have seen some funny parties in China but this one was very special......I will certainly have to screen the pictures I show on this site and I sincerely hope that the movie from Henny will stay in China. Henny, if I see the movie in The Netherlands, I will have to select some pictures from you and Truus that I will show on this website!!!

I was very happy that they asked me to play some kind of Chinese king during the traditional chinese opening ceremony. Summer, thanks a lot !! You and Xiao Li owe me a big favour. I had my picture taken with almost all XPS employees wearing this costume.

During the annual dinner there was actually no time to eat because the whole evening was a series of performances of all employees (from dancing, to singing to playing harmonica), games, lucky draw and lot and lots of toasting. The whole evening was organized by our professional organizer Summer Hua. Ofcourse all 4 big noses (Jan, Henny, Truus and myself) also had to give a performance. After many hours of practise in the appartment from Henny and Truus we were ready for this big challenge. For a minute I though we were lucky because at the annual dinner they couldn't get the music started but after a few minutes they fixed the problem. Although we were planning not to dance, sing or things like that we....yes....danced, sang and dressed up like ........ We did the klompendans on music of Rowen Heze. The chinese audience couldn't get enough of it so we had to perform even twice. After this we even did a polonaise on wooden shoes through the restaurant/hotel with all employees so you can image the faces of some other chinese guests that were watching. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to next year.

Pictures will follow later.....


OK, I better do it myself because these pictures will be distributed anyway.

Net zeeuwsmeisje of niet. In China is Carnaval dus al begonnen.



These are the carefully screened photo's of our annual dinner.

Chuanqing on the left.

The person you see from the back is Xiao Li :-)

Lizhong, Chuanqing, Linjun and Shuifa enjoyed our performance and decided to copy it according old chinese tradition.

Lots of singers that evening.

And games

More singers

And dances from our operators from Hefei.


Next week I'll be in Rochester USA (our 1999 hometown) so I hope I can share some pictures of that trip.