Diary January 2007
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Preparations for our life in the USA have started some months ago. The company XPS USA Inc. has been established, we rented an office in Fairport NY and we rented an appartment in Pultneyville NY. Our house, our cars and some of our belongings have also been sold already so we are now formally homeless vagrants. At least that is how we are registered in Reuver now.

Currently I am spending 3 weeks in China to support our activities in Suzhou and maybe Hefei but the preparations don't stop. All the paperwork for the visa application has been finished and will be submitted this week. I have to worry less about our staff in China because they are getting quite mature now.

In a couple of weeks we will have to get used to signs like this:




Sold our house to a dutch family that has been living in Spain for many years. Believe it or not but we sold the house almost completely via the internet and google earth. Price negotiations took only 10 minutes. You have people that can decide fast and know what they want and some that take forever to make up their mind.

Our previous home in Holland

Front view

Side view 1

Side view 2

View from our living room

We like Asian style furniture :-)



The guards in our new factory in Hefei China. Very scary.....

It is almost time for the new annual dinner in China. This time I won't be able to join so it is up to Jan, Henny, Truus and Jozef to perform without me :-). I am looking forward to the video. The Suzhou team is already training for their performance but not all are participating. Good luck Linjun......

A 2000 year old tree near Taihu lake. Unbelievable this tree survived 2 centuries.

SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) management has very serious expansion plans. This is not a picture taken from the plane but a model of the future park.On the left side you can see Jinji lake and somewhere in the middle is where our temporay office in 2004 used to be. The building is still one of the biggest buildings but in this new model one of the smallest. On the bottom of the picture you can see the location of our previous apartment. Looks like this is going to be the Manhatten of Suzhou.