Diary July 2006
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I have spend again 2 weeks in China. Last week of June and the first week of July. I had the opportunity to visit a new place that I never visited before. I always was planning to visit Hangzhou but for some reason it never happened until this weekend. I had heard many good stories about this city and now I can confirm it. So far the most beautiful city in China that I have seen. I could actually imagine living there. A good mix a beautiful nature and big city life. It is clear that this city attracts many rich chinese because Ferrari and Porsche are very present in this city, not only in the showroom but also in the streets.

Beautiful boulevard that was very popular with all the tourists.

These type of views and scenery you will find in many places all around the big lake.

Traditional and modern Hangzhou in one picture.



Today is Porscheday in Zandvoort so I had to be there. Still suffering from some jetlag but that doesn't matter because the weather is great. A fantastic event if you are a Porsche admirer. My guess is that I have seen at least 500 Porsches from all over Holland, Germany and Belgium.


A tuned Cayenne, this is the ideal car, very practical and super fast.


If you have euro 500.000 in your wallet , this Porsche GT can be yours. It makes the same sound as a formula 1 car. Beautiful music.......

Professional racers could also be seen on the track.

The pits of Zandvoort race circuit. This time only Porsches.

Not only professionla racers but also amateurs could enjoy the race track. On the right hand side a euro 15.000 Porsche , on the left hand side a euro 500.000 Porsche. Not a fair race you would think but of course the driver makes a big difference.

The organisation "geluk en vrijheid" had organized that children with very serious illness could be co-pilot in a Porsche during the whole day. The patients and their parents were picked up at several hospitals in Holland, driven to Zandvoort were they spend some time on the circuit and at the end of the day back to the hospital. Looking at their faces I could tell they had a great day and for the drivers it was no sacrifice at all. In total over 200 Porsche drivers participated.

Of course when you visit Zandvoort you also need to see the beach.

When arriving home (Reuver) we saw that a big balloon had landed not too far from our home.