Diary March 2006
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Finally some time to update the website again. Last week I visited XPS Slovakia to train our employees using the quality tools and methods. I arrived in Vienna by plane and then drove to Nizna which is approx. a 4,5 hours drive. It is a beautiful drive though, especially the last 2 hours are beautiful as you can see in the picture below.

Our employees in Sk have also formed a volleyball team and I was told they practise very regularly. They were playing against some other team in Nizna but I won't share the outcome of the competition on this website :-)

Beautiful views while driving through the small towns near Nizna.

After Slovakia I also visited Vienna. It was extremely cold there so no fun walking through the city. The house below is called the 'Thausendwasser" house.


The giant ferris wheel at the Prater in Vienna . You see it on almost all postcards of Vienna.

This week the Module Technology Group of XPS was present at the ESEF in Utrecht. We had a beautiful stand as you can see below.


Ron trying to sell our services :-)

Friday was my birthday and Ron arranged a serenade for me. Ron thanks and I will certainly return this favour some time :-)