Diary May 2006
Date   Highlights
1-12 May 2006  

During my last trip to Suzhou I discovered that they installed a new attraction in SIP Jinji Lake. In the area that previously was used for waterbiking, a new complex fountain system was built. If anyone is familiar with Las Vegas, and in particular the Bellagio Casino, they have similar fountains there. Very impressive and quite beautiful to watch in the evenings.

It was very busy again in Shanghai during May holiday. For some people a reason not to go into the city but I think it is quite interesting to watch such a crowd. Actually there are plenty of more quiet area's to find in Shanghai even during these holidays.

Jinmao is and remains a very beautiful building, not the tallest anymore though. During all the visit's of family, collegues and friends last year I have seen it at least 15 times I think. They are now constructing a new building right next to this one which is supposed to break some height record again.

Also this is still one of the most impressive buildings of Shanghai.

View of the Bund from the Pudong area.



To celebrate Mothersday and the birthday (78) of my mother the complete Vullers family (21 people) went out for dinner.




USA is beautiful and China also has some beautiful spots but home is sometimes not bad either :-)

This is were we go to spend time outdoors. This is a view of Slenaken.

This is the best view ever :-)))

Today there was a ceremony to remember the american soldiers who died in Limburg in WW2 . I am always very impressed by this war memorial and today there were many veterans and music which made it even more impressive. If you see all the crosses you simply cannot believe that each cross represents an american soldier that died to win our war. This is one of the reasons why we should support the US with it's fight throughout the world and not forget what they did for us. It was a long time ago but it was a huge thing they did for us. Next week we are going to visit Normandy to follow the WW2 events in this invasion area. I am really curious and eager to visit those memorials.