Diary November 2007
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De laatste weken waren behoorlijk zwaar maar we moeten de draad toch weer oppakken. Er zit niets anders op. Na een drukke week waarbij Ron en ik diverse klanten in de USA bezocht hebben ben ik nu in Boston en vertrek ik morgen voor 3 weken naar China voor onder andere de opening van Jan's tweede baby in China, onze nieuwe fabriek in Hefei.

After a few terrible weeks we have to move on and continue our life. We have no other choice at this moment. This week was very busy because Ron and I have been visiting many customers in the US and at this moment I am in Boston. Tomorrow I will leave to China for 3 weeks to attend the opening of our new facility in Hefei (Jan's second baby in China) and to support the XPS team in Suzhou.

I haven't been putting anything on the site for some time so here is some old news. Several weeks ago when the weather was still excellent we visited the zoo in Rochester. It is a small but quite nice zoo.

Ik heb al een tijdje niets meer op de website gezet dus hierbij wat oud nieuws. Enkele weken geleden toen het weer nog schitterend was hebben we de Rochester dierentuin bezocht. Klein maar fijn.


This cute little girl is our niece Zoe. She is just a little over 1 year old and we hadn't seen her for 6 months. If we hadn't gotten some pictures from Erik and Karen once in a while we wouldn't have recognised her. Time is really flying.

Deze kleine meid is ons nichtje Zoe. Ze is iets ouder dan 1 jaar en we hadden haar al in geen 6 maanden meer gezien. Als we tussentijds niet af en toe een foto hadden gekregen van Karen en Erik hadden we haar echt niet herkend.

To see the whole Vullers family, my mother had organized a brunch at a perfect restaurant. Is was great seeing everyone again and the food was perfect.

Zodat de hele familie Vullers weer eens bij elkaar kwam had mijn moeder een brunch georganiseer bij de ridder van Asenrode. Het was heel gezellig en het eten echt perfect.

Patricia-Iris-Marie Jose-Bas



Silvi from Slovakia is staying with us for 2,5 weeks. As part of the US experience we brought her to an icehockey game from the Amerks in Rochester. Icehockey is always great, not just the game but everything that is organized around the game to entertain the public makes it a lot of fun.

Silvi van Slowakije is op dit moment bij ons op bezoek voor 2,5 week. Onderdeel van de Amerika ervaring is natuurlijk een ijshockey wedstrijd van de Amerks in Rochester. Niet alleen de wedstrijd is aardig om te zien maar vooral ook het hele spektakel erom heen. Ze zorgen er wel voor dat het publiek zich geen seconde verveeld.

If you are caught on camera, kissing is mandatory.

Als de camera op je gericht wordt heb je geen keus......


During the break, all kinds of games start on the ice to entertain the public.

Ook gedurende de pauzes wordt er vanalles gedaan om het publiek te vermaken.

And a lot of food of course. Actually pretty good mexican food.

En natuurlijk......heel veel eten. Deze keer zelfs best goed mexicaans eten gevonden.





Monday of last week was a big day for XPS Hefei. A day with a lot of mixed feeling of course. Very proud of the new facility and at the same time very sad that Jan couldn't be with us. The facility is really quite impressive for a "small" company like XPS. Not really small anymore if you have 600 employees.

Below you can see the Hefei facility. Over 10.000m2 in size. Very nicely and stylish decorated inside as well.



To give you an idea of the modern decoration, this is the canteen. Not boring like most chinese buildings.

Red carpet for VIP visitors (not me).


Of course we had a traditional chinese opening.

And of course the lion dancers.

Chinese people are very curious so we had many spectators watching from the outside.

All the VIP's in a row and Xiaoli doing the opening speech. Mia in the middle of course.

After a great dinner with I guess over 100 guests we stayed in Hefei. The next day we had an "interesting" drive to Suzhou with a 'stop' in between. After half a day at XPS Suzhou (my home:-) with the Board of Directors and some other guests we had dinner at Jinji Lake. Just when we arrived the watershow started. Very well timed.




After several weeks of being challenged by many chinese colleagues, I had to face the competition. I hate to say it but I did beat all the chinese at their own game but they didn't give me the reward they promised me. Not even a handshake...... Very very disappointed. I was willing to pay my salary to them if I would have lost but I didn't get anything in return. I guess they didn't expect a tall dutchman being abe to play tabletennis. Anyway, I am planning to rub it in whenever I get a chance. I was actually thinking about wearing a T-shirt today with the text" " I beat the chinese at their own game". But on second thought some people might think I actually hit someone....haha



Saw a very strange event in Shanghai. I thought I saw a lot of things in China but sometimes I am still surprised by these people :-). In a park near people square i saw a large group of older chinese men and women that were trying to find a good match for their children. All of them had a piece of paper that had a detailed description about their son or daughter. All the statistics were listed, from height, weight, age, to education, hobbies etc. It also listed the requirements (specifications) of the person they were looking for. Also age range, size up to education and monthly salary. The actual children weren't there , only parents talking to each other and I really doubt whether the children are aware of what the parents are doing.

I did see one picture of a girl and when I was studying it , one of the parents showed an interest in me....haha. But I saw the same picture also with someone else so I think it was only bait. Chinese are good at sales...

I thought this was ancient tradition but in Suzhou they told me that these kind of events were recently organized. Even in Suzhou they have these meetings.The Chinese never stop to amaze me.

A few meters further in the park another surprise was waiting. The english corner. All younger Chinese people talking english to each other. I think I noticed 1 foreigner in a group of hundred, the rest all chinese practising english. Actually not a bad idea at all, but problably better if they learn from native english speakers.

I should have made some pictures but forgot.


During my stay in Suzhou we also got a chance to have some of our Hefei and Suzhou staff trained in six sigma techniques. We were fortunate that one of our large customers offered to send a trainer from the USA to China for this training.


During my stay in China , Suzanne and Silvi enjoyed the last warm days in Rochester. Yesterday we already had the first snowstorm in Rochester so winter has started.

Tijdens mijn verblijf in China genoten Suus and Silvi nog van de laatste warme dagen in Rochester. Ik hoorde dat we gisteren al de eerste sneeuwstorm in Rochester hebben gehad en Suus stapvoets naar huis is moeten rijden.

Some of the XPS USA crew (Eric, Joe and Kasie) with Silvi and Joe's girlfriend in a bar in Rochester.

Enkele medewerkers van XPS USA (Eric, Joe en Kasie) samen met de vriendin van Joe en Silvi.


Suus is vorige week een weekje in Nederland geweest en is gisteren ook weer teruggekeerd naar de USA. Ze was voor een workshop in Nederland. Er wordt wat afgereisd de laatste tijd. Ik zit op dit moment in het vliegtuig van Shanghai naar Chicago om van daaruit weer naar Rochester te vliegen. Het is lastig om te houden in welke tijdzone's we steeds zitten maar het lukt nog om elkaar af en toe te spreken :-) Toen ze gisteren in Rochester aankwam belandde ze meteen in een sneeuwstorm en is ze stapvoets naar huis moeten rijden. Wel handig zo'n 4-wheeldrive op zo'n moment. De winter is ne echt begonnen dus mijn speelgoed moet op stal blijven :-(