Diary September 2007
Date Highlights  

This week we had customers from the USA visiting us. Since it was their first time in China I had arranged a complete programme for them. Of course a tour on the canals in Suzhou should be part of the China experience. Niek was still in China so he came to Suzhou by train (and a very interesting taxi vehicle in which I wouldn't like to be seen) and joined us for the day.

Deze week ben ik de hele week op stap geweest met een nieuwe amerikaanse klant. Voor hun de eerste keer in China dus ik had een heel programma gereed. Van kanaaltocht, tot chinese tuin, Jinji Lake, etentje en een massage. Ze waren helemaal blij en daar gaat het toch om. Niek was nog steed in Shanghai dus die kwam over met de trein en een wel heel vreemde taxi (waar ik dus niet in gezien wil worden).


After that a visit to the most beautiful garden in Suzhou (Hu Ciu or Tiger Hill). The weather was perfect, quite hot but not too hot.

Na de kanaaltocht hebben we Tigerhill bezocht, de mooiste tuin in Suzhou naar mijn mening.

O my god what was he happy when some chinese tourists asked him for a picture together with him. Hahaha. I am still wondering what the text in the their photo-album will be. " Rare alien seen on Jinji lake"? or " Foreign man with pants that are too short"? We will never know.....

Waarom zou in godsnaam iemand met Niek op de foto willen? Zou het dan toch die broek zijn?

Ook wij waren de sigaar.

Dinner with the customers and the Suzhou management team. Star of the evening Chang Xuemei who did a great job at preparing for the Kodak audit. Linjun is missing because someone has to make the picture :-)

Uiteraard moet er in China gegeten worden met gasten. Deze keer samen met de amerikaanse klanten en het management team van Suzhou. Speciale gast deze keer was Chang Xuemei die erg haar best had gedaan voor de Kodak audit.

The restaurant area on Jinli lake is kind of nice in the evening. Kind of because the lighting is a bit too much.

De verlichting in de straat waar alle restauranten zijn bij Jinli Lake is wel apart maar iets te veel lampjes naar mijn smaak. Ze doen een beetje teveel hun best om het er mooi te laten uitzien.



Tiny and Rene have visited us for 1,5 weeks so this weekend we visited New York City together. Central park is still one of our favorites, especially on Sunday.

Tiny en Rene zijn 1,5 week op bezoek geweest in Rochester en vervolgens zijn we samen dit weekend naar NYC gegaan. Een van onze favoriete plekken is nog steeds Central Park. Vooral op zondag is dit een geweldige plek.

First we thought, hey they stole Carnival from us but then it turned out that this was a group from Cologne visiting NYC. We still don't know what they tried to achieve.

We begrepen in eerste instantie niet wat deze amerikanen bezielden totdat we hoorden dat het keulenaren waren die slechts op bezoek waren. Waarom ze carnaval aan het vieren waren is ons nog steeds niet duidelijk.

Yep, the naked cowboy was there too. Actually I saw the naked cowgirl too but I was so distracted by her nipple stickers that I forgot to ask her for a picture.

Inmiddels een bekende verschijning in NYC is de naked cowboy. Ook de naked cowgirl heb ik gezien maar ik was niet alert genoeg om hier een foto van te maken :-)

This is how they solve the parking space issue in NYC. Don't worry XiaoLi, you don't have to navigate your car like this in Rochester. Here we have plenty of space.

Parkeren is een probleem natuurlijk is een stad als NYC maar ze hebben er iets op gevonden.

Tiny, Rene and Suzanne at Time Square.

Maybe after XPS sales in the US will improve a bit.....................you never know.

Het zit er nog niet in op dit moment maar je moet altijd een droom hebben toch?


XPS USA Inc. is doing quite well. We are growing much faster than expected and it seems that our warehouse of 1000m2 is already too small. In the mean time we have also hired some new employees so the total number of employees is already 6 and probably before the end of this year the total count will be 8. Will put a group picture on the website one of these days. Overall XPS is doing quite well but as always it is a challenge to keep up with the speed of the growth. During the next couple of months we are expecting several XPS vistors and at the same time I will be traveling a lot too.

The Suzhou team is preparing for the move to the new facility in November and in November we will also have a formal opening of our Hefei facility which already employs over 140 empoyees.

In October (Herfstvakantie) Suzanne and I will be in Holland for 1,5 weeks because of a workshop at XPS Venray.


Better late than never. While I was in China, Suzanne's mother visited us in Rochester for 1 week. At that time it was still summer, at this moment autumn has already started so a little to chilly to sit on the deck.

During the week they visited several locations in the Rochester area. This for instance is the library at the campus of the U of R (University of Rochester). Not too bad for a city like Rochester. Actually quite impressive.

They also visited the butterfly house (Don't know the actual name). In this house you can walk through a garden filled with butterflies. Several hundred different types I believe.

In the US everything is big, even the butterflies.

Our 94 year old neighbour visited them also during her stay. Such a lovely lady and she still works actively in her garden. Lives all alone in the big house next to us but doesn't want to move to an elderly house (I don't blame her). The air on Ontario lake must be very healthy.